Thursday, May 24, 2012


Do you like Chipotle?  I LOVE is, in fact, my favorite restaurant of the "fast food" genre.  I never tire of eating there...and never feel guilty (well not TOO much, anyway).  I respect the basics of the restaurant...because they're the way I like to feed MY family...fresh food, and locally grown, whenever possible.

HOWEVER...I am a sucker for trying to figure out how restaurants make things so that I can make them MYSELF at home....(can you tell I don't go OUT that much?...LOL).  So the last time my husband and I ate at Chipotle...I decided to find out how to go home and duplicate my two FAVORITE things there....the Cilantro White Rice with lime and the "Corn Relish"....and let me say...I was successful!!

So...if YOU like Chipotle as much as "I"'s how you can make these two dishes at home...for you and your family.

Cilantro White Rice with Lime

I have a rice cooker at my house...and if YOU don't...I would strongly urge you to get one.  They make everything SO much easier and I have even used them for steaming veggies with success....this recipe is going to incorporate the use of a rice cooker so if you DON'T have're "on your own" as to figuring out how to convert this.....

I took one cup of rice and the appropriate amount of water and placed it into the rice cooker along with the zest and juice of one lime....and about 1/4 c (scant) of very finely chopped cilantro, some salt and some freshly ground pepper.  Turned the rice cooker on  and when it was finished....VOILA!!  Chipotle's Cilantro White Rice with Lime.  DEEEEELICIOUS!

Corn Relish

I get the idea that Chipotle uses canned corn in theirs....that's just the appearance and texture that it has.  Don't get me's GOOD....but when I had two ears of leftover FRESH sweet corn I decided to use those because.....whenever you can...fresh is best.

I cut the kernels off the two ears of corn and lightly chopped to make sure the kernels were all separated.  I then added 1/4 c of finely chopped cilantro and 1/4 c. of chopped red onion.  Just a "dribble" of olive oil...a "splash" of lime juice (you can use just a bit left over from making the rice...that's what I did) and salt and pepper to taste.  Let the flavors "meld" in the fridge, and in about 30 minutes you have some AMAZING corn relish.  Couple these two things with some warmed flour tortillas...some grilled flank steak and grated cheese and sour cream and you have the makings for a GREAT meal...that's SUPER easy.

Coming tomorrow....ways to use the tons of peppers my son gave to me from my garden......!!!!!

Today's Food Quote:  "Let my words, like vegetables, be tender and sweet...for tomorrow I may have to eat them"  Anonymous

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