Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crack open that crock pot!!

I know I've said it probably a thousand times before, but I love my crock pot.  And anytime I can find new recipes for it, I am all OVER them!!  A friend of mine from work, Tiffany, gave me a recipe for a beef roast and I was so anxious to share it with ya'll that I am posting it before I've even tried it myself!  (which is rare!)  But I trust Tiffany's opinion and recommendation, and (for most of you anyway) it IS perfect weather to have a nice roast (for those of us down South the crock pot doesn't get the kitchen and house all hot like the oven does! ) so here it is....if any of you make it before I get a chance to post my comment on it, PLEASE post your opinions here...AND if YOU have any crock pot recipes to share please do so.  Crock pots are great for those of us who work outside the home, but also they infuse that slow-cooked goodness that comes from letting something just simmer all day (I've been known to put roasts on the night before and let them cook all night AND all day!)

Here is...."Tiffany's Roast":

1 beef roast, 2-3 pounds any type is find, chuck roast, rump roast, whatever you have or whatever is on sale.
2 brown gravy packets (the dry powder kind)--any brand
1 packet of Italian dressing mix--any brand
1 packet of Ranch dressing mix (or 3 T dressing if you don't have the packet), again, any brand
1/2 c. water
Add onions, carrots, celery, etc...your choice

Cook on low for 7-9 hours.  You can make gravy from the "pan drippings" within the crock pot.

(fyi: I use flour to thicken my gravy...never had great luck with corn starch....if you WANT to thicken it instead of using it straight from the crock pot you need to put about 2-3 T. of flour in a cup of warm water...I whisk to dissolve...then  ladle out as much of the pan drippings as you want into a saucepan---bring to a boil and quickly stir/whisk in the flour/water mixture.  Lower heat and cook for few minutes.  Gravy should thicken as it cooks (notice I said "should"..if it DOESN'T you'll need to dissolve more flour in warm water, bring to a boil again and whisk in)....this was not in Tiffany's recipe...I'm just adding a "gravy tip" for ya' case you are as "gravy challenged" as "I" am!!)

Like I said, share your great crock pot recipes if you have crock pot is currently simmering away with a pork roast...and the smell throughout the house is heavenly.  Also great that dinner was basically "done" by 8:30 least "my part" anyway!!  ;)

Food quote:  "One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." —-Virginia Woolf


  1. i made this, easy and good

    1. Oh good! I'm glad you've made it! She said she got the recipe online, and as I recall she said the name was something like that "absolute best" I'm glad the first testimonial (lol) was from you and that it's GOOD!!

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