Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Bounty

When we made "Fiesta Karis" the other night, I held back some of the chicken. I'd like to note for those of you who READ the "Fiesta Karis" blog that this makes a "goodly amount" of food...we ate off of it for 2 nights and I froze a small amount of it, for use as a dip for Dan and I during a "movie date night" at home. But as I said before...that stuff is GOOD and it's already calling to me from it's spot in the freezer.

But I digress. Today I took the 1/2 chicken that I had left and threw it into a pot with some water (I always use bottled water when I make things like this...but that's just my personal preference). I then went out to my garden and gathered the following: basil (by the way...if you NEED some of this, PLEASE come by...I have TONS of it growing in the back yard!!), dill, onions, cilantro, garlic, carrots, and tomatoes. I took celery from my fridge and a couple potatoes from the pantry basket...added salt and pepper and (in the words of Emeril Lagasse) BAM! dinner was on the stove. I'll be adding some of the leftover Mexican rice from the "Fiesta Karis" evenings later today and making some buttermilk biscuits to go along with. Also my personal preference, but thanks to an old friend in California I always throw a half a lemon into my chicken "soup" whenever I make it. It gives it a wonderful "sunshiny" flavor.

Hope you have a backyard garden (or even a porch garden)so that you can enjoy the wonderful flavors and aromas that gardening and growing your own food can offer...not to mention the SAVINGS!! Potatoes were $7.99 for ten pounds at Publix last week...when I do some "rotation" out there I think I'm going to plant myself some!!

Enjoy your harvest...and your dinner. Bon Appetit!

Today's food quote: Weather means more when you have a garden. There's nothing like listening to a shower and thinking how it is soaking in around your green beans. ~Marcelene Cox (so Lord...could ya PLEASE send a shower for MY green beans? Thanks,

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  1. I did not know you had a blog! So proud of you and I love the way you write.