Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day Fantastics

Last night it was just going to be Dan and I for dinner so we decided to crank up the Weber grill (well, HE decided to crank it up....I'm not good a charcoal fires) and cook some chicken was going to be the first time we ever did them this way...and so we were both a bit apprehensive. I marinated the wings in about 1/4 to 1/2 c of olive oil, juice from half a fresh lemon, some sea salt, pepper, and our "house seasoning"...Everglades, for a couple hours beforehand. If you can't find Everglades in your supermarket, feel free to put any spices you wish into the oil and lemon fact you can do this with any type of chicken, doesn't have to be just wings.

When the grill was good and hot (and a thunder and lightening storm was approaching, lol) we put the wings onto the grill. Be careful, the oil and the lemon in the marinate causes them to flame up REALLY badly when you first put them on there...use tongs with long handles. Turning them often until they were about finished Dan "painted" half of them with barbecue sauce and then the other half of the wings he took off, tossed in a bowl of Buffalo Wing sauce and then returned to the grill. We cooked them for a few minutes more and then removed them. They were FABULOUS!! I like them SO much more this way then deep fried....the smokey flavor of the grill just enhances the flavor of the wings so much more and it's a lot more convenient than deep frying...where you can only cook so many wings at a time in the Dan was always invariably still cooking while I was eating. This was much nicer...we got to sit down to the meal TOGETHER....and it TASTED BETTER!! I know I'm betraying "The South" here by saying that a food actually tasted better cooked some way other than deep frying...but I can't help it...these were fantastic. The marinade is very important in the process though, as it makes the chicken more moist. Another idea for grilling chicken is to take a whole chicken and cut it in half right down the middle...removing the backbone. Place it on the side down and place an aluminum foil wrapped brick over the top while grilling. You'll end up with really nice, moist chicken with super crispy skin. You can add barbecue sauce to this also, if you'd like. If you pair this with potato salad (our fav it Publix "Southern Style"---much easier and faster to make...and cheaper too with the current price of potatoes on the rise almost as fast as gas) and some freshly sliced tomatoes (best if you can pick it from your garden and slice it right up!) and this is one summer meal (or Father's Day meal) that Dad will LOVE and will result in little fuss, and little muss (easy cleanups are AWESOME!)

Today's food quote: "I'm a man. Men cook outside. Women make the three-bean salad. That's the way it is and always has been, since the first settlers of Levittown. That outdoor grilling is a manly pursuit has long been beyond question. If this wasn't firmly understood, you'd never get grown men to put on those aprons with pictures of dancing wienies and things on the front..."
William Geist, ‘New York Times Magazine’

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