Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lunchtime, Snacktime...any time at all!

Today I'm making my girls some Rice Krispie treats (ok, I'm making them for me too). I have no problem with my kids eating them, as opposed to, say, potato chips or store bought cookies...since they're made with cereal (unsweetened), which provides fiber, real butter, and marshmallows. Food that are simple, with the fewest ingredients possible, are the best in my opinion; whether they be "sweet treats" or otherwise.

In keeping with providing you with ideas for lunchboxes and "afterschool" snacks I have decided today to go with one of my all time favorites, celery and to show you how many things you can STUFF into it.

Besides the obvious, peanut butter, (to which you can, I might add, put some raisins on top; my kids called that "bugs on a log"), I also love the following:

pimento cheese (if you don't want to make your own, which is a jar of cheese spread (found in the aisle alongside the parmesan---it's a small jar) and a small jar of pimentos, chopped, you can buy it ready made in most grocery stores. My favorite ready-made one is from the Publix deli (I feel so completely sorry for my "Yankee" friends who have no Publix in their neighborhood to go to. Such a travesty. But I digress....;)

Nutella (a chocolate hazelnut spread with the same consistency of peanut butter)--it's heaven. Also almond butter and cashew butter are good too.



cream cheese (Kraft makes so many flavors, it's a veritable BUFFET for celery stuffing)

chopped apples mixed into some caramel apple dip ('s REALLY good in celery and kids LOVE it). You can even top this with some very finely chopped pecans.

egg salad

tuna or chicken salad (tomorrow I'm going to give you a BUNCH of things to put into your chicken salad to make it even more appealing and MUCH less boring)

ricotta cheese (you can mix in some chopped fruit and it's absolutely lovely)

mascarpone cheese (should be flavored with something like chopped fruits or vegetables--maybe some spices like cinnamon if you're adding fruits, or a pinch of salt, even celery salt is nice, and/or some red pepper flakes for a bit of "heat")

Kids love finger food (who doesn't, really--that's one of the reasons so many parties serve it!!) and so finding ways to give them things they can easily eat, that are fun, is a good way to "jazz up" a school lunch--and even your work lunch as well!!

Today's food quote: "If we don't permit to earth to produce beauty and joy, it will, in the end not produce any food either." Joseph Krutch

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