Wednesday, August 4, 2010

As promised, let's use up the rest of yesterday's phyllo dough!! yesterday we used 1/2 of a package of frozen phyllo dough to make Karis' "Phyllo Wrapped Asparagus". I promised to give you a recipe today to use the other half of that package (personally I HATE wasting things). This is a dessert, sweet-type snack so in reality, if you were having a party, and wanted to make the phyllo wrapped asparagus for an appetizer or vegetable side dish you could ALSO make this for the dessert. Your call.

Chocolate Purses

unwrap the phyllo and cut into squares. Each square should ideally have about 3-4 layers of phyllo sheets to it. These squares should be about 4-6 inches across. Remember to keep a damp dishtowel over the phyllo you're not working with to keep it moist. Place a chocolate "Hershey kiss" into the middle of the square and then wrap it up around it (sort of like a "kiss" shape or a purse). Twist to keep closed. Do the same with the remaining phyllo. Beat an egg into a small dish and brush each "purse" with the egg. Sprinkle with a small abount of sugar. Place in 350 oven for about 10-15 minutes (or until golden brown). Serve with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

I also use "puff pastry" and Hershey bars to make "chocolate croissants" for my daughters (in a "pinch" you can even use refrigerated crescent rolls). If you're using puff pastry just cut into squares (slightly larger than the ones you'd use for the chocolate purses) and then cut each square in half---triangularly. place a small square of chocolate at the wide end and then roll up, croissant style. Pinch each end tightly so no chocolate escapes. Egg wash each one and dust with a small amount of sugar. Bake in a 375 oven for 11-13 minutes. If you're using refrigerated cresent rolls just unroll, place the square of chocoate on the wide end and roll up--egg wash and sugar dust as well. Follow the package directions for baking these. Great for brunches, parties, or just a nice breakfast.

Today's food quote: "Food is a lot like romance....the very stuff of dreams" Nigella Lawson

Recommended cooking tool: Good rubber spatulas. (I believe that Rachael Ray calls them "spoonulas", but you get the idea). Pampered Chef sells them that are heat resistant up to very high heat...500 degrees I believe (but don't quote me). They can then be used for stirring and scraping, and are very safe to use in non-stick cookware. I currently have a Pampered Chef one, and also two by Paula Deen and all are absolutely great. I do not wash them in the dishwasher (again the high water temp and heat drying tends to break them down). I know that alot of my cooking tools I advise against washing in the dishwasher, but I honestly believe that if you invest in good cookware it's worth it to spend the extra time taking excellent care of it.

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